3PW Tag Team Championship
Champions Date Won Location Notes
Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter August 24, 2002 Philidelphia, PA -a-
Pitbulls 2004 (Mike Kruel and Gary Wolfe) October 16, 2004 Philidelphia, PA -b-
Simon Diamond and Mike Kruel February 19, 2005 Philidelphia, PA -c-
Blackball'd (Greg Matthews and Rockin' Rebel) May 21, 2005 Philidelphia, PA -d-

-a- Win a Royal Rumble style match, defeating Gary Wolfe and Mike Kruel, Jack Victory and Rockin' Rebel, Blue Meanie and Roadkill, and Stryker and Rob Eckos.

-b- Wolfe is stripped after a backstage incedent ends his relationship with the promotion. Kruel chooses Diamond as his new partner.

-c- Titles are vacated on March 29, 2005 after Kruel leaves 3PW.

-d- Win a tag team battle royal to win the vacant titles. Belts become defunct after 3PW's final show on June 18, 2005.

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