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1 Pro Wrestling (Great Britain)

1PW World Heavyweight Championship
1PW World Openweight Championship
1PW World Tag Team Championships
1PW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (January-March 2006)
1PW World Tag Team Championship Tournament (May 27-28, 2006)

Big Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan)

BJPW Death Match Championship
BJPW Tag Team Championship
BJPW Heavyweight Championship (defunct)
BJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship (defunct)
BJPW Womens Championship (defunct)

Border City Wrestling (Windsor, Ontario)

BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Championship
BCW Unified Television Championship
BCW Can-Am Tag Team Championship

Chikara Pro (Philadelphia, PA)

Chikara Campenonatos de Parejas Tag Team Championship
Chikara Young Lions Cup

Combat Zone Wrestling (Philidelphia, PA)

CZW World Heavyweight Championship
CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship
CZW World Tag Team Championship
CZW World Ironman Championship
CZW Underground Violent Championship
CZW Death Match Championship (defunct)

Deep South Wrestling (McDonough, Georgia)

DSW Heavyweight Championship
DSW Tag Team Championships

Dragon Gate (Tokyo, Japan)

Open the Dream Gate Championship
Open the Brave Gate Championship
Open the Triangle Gate Championship
Open the Twin Gate Championship
Ultimo Dragon Gym Championship (Inactive)
International Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (Inactive)

Full Impact Pro (Largo, Florida)

FIP World Heavyweight Championship
FIP World Tag Team Championship
FIP Florida Heritage Championship

Florida Championship Wrestling (Tampa, FL)

FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship
FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship (retired)
FCW Florida Tag Team Championship

Kaientai Dojo (Tokyo, Japan)

Kaientai Dojo Strongest K Championship
Kaientai Dojo Strongest K Tag Team Championship

Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, Kentucky)

OVW Television Championship
OVW Womens Championship

Pro Wrestling Guerilla (Southern California)

PWG World Heavyweight Championship
PWG Tag Team Titles

Pro Wrestling ZERO 1 (Tokyo, Japan)

ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship
ZERO1 United States Heavyweight Championship
NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship
ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Championship
ZERO1 International Junior Heavyweight Championship
NWA International Light Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

Ultimate Pro Wrestling (California)

UPW Heavyweight Championship
UPW Tag Team Championship
UPW Southern California/Shoot Championship (retired)

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