AWA World Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Pat O'Connor January 9, 1959 Saint Louis, MO -a-
Verne Gagne August 16, 1960 -b-
Gene Kiniski July 11, 1961 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne [2] August 8, 1961 Minneapolis, MN
Mister M (Bill Miller) January 9, 1962 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne [3] August 21, 1962 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski July 3, 1963 Minneapolis, MN -c-
Verne Gagne [4] July 20, 1963 Minneapolis, MN -d-
Fritz Von Erich July 27, 1963 Omaha, NE -e-
Verne Gagne [5] August 8, 1963 Amarillo, TX -f-
Crusher Lisowski [2] November 28, 1963 St. Paul, MN
Verne Gagne [6] December 14, 1963 Minneapolis, MN
Maurice Vachon May 2, 1964 Omaha, NE
Verne Gagne [7] May 15, 1964 Omaha, NE
Maurice Vachon [2] October 20, 1964 Minneapolis, MN
Mighty Igor Vodic May 15, 1965 Omaha, NE
Maurice Vachon [3] May 22, 1965 Omaha, NE
Crusher Lisowski [3] August 21, 1965 St. Paul, MN
Mauice Vachon [4] November 12, 1965 Denver, CO
Dick the Bruiser November 12, 1966 Omaha, NE
Maurice Vachon [5] November 19, 1966 Omaha, NE
Verne Gagne [8] February 26, 1967 St. Paul, MN
Dr. X (Dick Beyer) August 17, 1968 Bloomington, MN
Verne Gagne [9] August 31, 1968 Minneapolis, MN
Nick Bockwinkle November 8, 1975 St. Paul, MN
Verne Gagne [10] July 18, 1980 Chicago, IL
Nick Bockwinkle [2] May 19, 1981 -g-
Hulk Hogan April 18, 1982 St. Paul, MN
Otto Wanz August 29, 1982 St. Paul, MN
Nick Bockwinkle [3] October 9, 1982 Chicago, IL
Hulk Hogan [2] April 23, 1983 Minneapolis, MN
Jumbo Tsuruta February 22, 1984 Tokyo, Japan
Rick Martel May 13, 1984 St Paul, MN
Stan Hansen Decemeber 29, 1985 East Rutherford, NJ
Nick Bockwinkle [4] June 28, 1986 Denver, CO -h-
Curt Hennig May 2, 1987 San Francisco, CA
Jerry Lawler May 9, 1988 Memphis, TN -i-
Larry Zbysko February 7, 1989 St. Paul, MN -j-
Masa Saito February 10, 1990 Tokyo, Japan
Laryy Zbysko [2] April 8, 1990 St. Paul, MN -k-

-a- Pat O'Connor is recognized as the first AWA World Heavyweight Champion in May of 1960/ He is then given 90 to defend the belt against Verne Gagne or be stripped.

-b- Title is awarded to Gagne after O'Connor fails to defend it against him in the time limit.

-c- Crusher Lisowski wins the Omaha version of the World Heavyweight title from Fritz Von Erich on February 15, 1963.

-d- Gagne wins both the Omaha version and the AWA World title.

-e- Von Erich wins both the Omaha and AWA World title.

-f- Gagne wins the AWA World title, then defeats Fritz Von Erich on September 7, 1963 to unify the AWA and Omaha titles.

-g- Bockwinkle is awarded the title upon Verne Gagne's retirement.

-h- Title is awarded to Bockwinkle when Stan Hansen leaves the AWA after no-shoing a match on June 28, 1986 in Denver, CO. However, Hansen took the actual belt with him to Japan and defended it on New Japan cards throughout July of 1986.

-i- Lawler unifies the AWA World title with the World Class Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Kerry Von Erich on December 13, 1988 in Chicago, IL but is stripped of the AWA World Title on January 20, 1989 after the CWA breaks away from the AWA.

-j- Zbysko wins the title in a battle royal, last eliminating Tom Zenk.

-k- Zbysko is stripped of the belt on December 12, 1990 when he leaves the AWA for WCW. The title is still vacant when the AWA folds in 1991.

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