AWA World Light-Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Mike Graham June 1981
Buck Zumhoffe June 19, 1983 Hamburg, MN -a-
Steve Regal March 25, 1984 St. Paul, MN
Buck Zumhoffe [2] November 28, 1985 St. Paul, MN -b-
Mike Graham [2] 1988
Jim Backlund December 1988 Tampa, FL -c-
Lee Gak-Soo April 1, 1990 Tokyo, Japan -d-
Buck Zumhoffe [3] August 11, 1990 Rochester, MN -e-

-a- Bobby Heenan beats Zumhoffe several times but does not receive the belt because he did not make weight.

-b- Vacated in July 1986 when Zumhoffe is sent to prison.

-c- Recognized in Japan as champion by FMW, possibly by beating Mike Graham, but not by
the AWA.

-d- Vacated in September 1990 when Lee leaves FMW.

-e- Recognized by AWA, title abandoned when the AWA closes in 1991.

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