BJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Yoshihiro Tajiri February 3, 1998 Tokyo, Japan -a-
Katsumi Usuda May 1, 1998 Toda, Japan -b-
Fantastik December 5, 1998 Kanagawa, Japan
The W*inger April 29, 1999 Shizuoka, Japan -c-
Masayoshi Motegi June 30, 1999 Numazu, Japan -d-
Fantastik [2] November 6, 1999 Hakodate, Japan
Masayoshi Motegi [2] December 4, 1999 Yokohama, Japan
MEN's Teioh June 21, 2000 Fukushima, Japan
Johnny Kashmere August 9, 2001 Yokohama, Japan -e-
Ruckus September 8, 2001 Sewell, New Jersey -f-
Ruckus [2] December 2, 2001 Yokohama, Japan -g-
Trent Acid December 15, 2001 Philadelphia, PA
The W*inger [2] March 3, 2002 Kanagawa, Japan
Homicide November 15, 2002 Queens, NY

-a- Defeated Gedo in the finals of a one night only tournament to become the first champion. Stripped on April 19, 1998 when Tajiri leaves BJPW.

-b- Defeated Minoru Fujita for the vacant title.

-c- Vacated on May 30, 1999 for a round-robin tournament.

-d- Defeated Abdullah Kobayashi in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant belt.

-e- Pinned Teioh in a "winner take all" tag team match.

-f- Vacated on September 29, 2001 when a match against CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Trent Acid ends with a double pin. Both belts are vacated.

-g- Defeated Trent Acid and The W*inger in a Three-Way match to win the vacant title.

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