Dragon Gate Open The Brave Gate Championship (Junior Heavyweight)
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Naruki Doi March 13, 2005 Nagoya, Japan -a-
Dragon Kid November 13, 2005 Nagoya, Japan -b-
Masato Yoshino March 19, 2006 Kawagoe, Japan -c-
Matt Sydal February 12, 2007 Kobe, Japan
Genki Horiguchi March 25, 2007 Tsu, Japan
Yashushi Kanda July 1, 2007 Kobe, Japan
Masato Yoshino [2] September 22, 2007 Tokyo, Japan
Anthony W. Mori April 13, 2008 Nagoya, Japan -d-
Gamma April 27, 2008 Fukuoka, Japan -e-

-a- Defeated YOSSINO in the finals of a one-night eight-man tournament to become the first champion.

-b- Held-up after a match against Masato Yoshino on February 5, 2006 is declared a no contest.

-c- Defeated Dragon Kid and Naoki Tanizaki in a three-way match to win the held-up belt.

-d- Vacated the belt due to Yasusho Kanda's interference in his title win.

-e- Defeated Anthony W. Mori in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant belt.

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