FMW Independent World Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
W*ING Kanemura August 1, 1996 Shiodome, Japan -a-
The Gladiator December 11, 1996 Tokyo, Japan
Masato Tanaka September 28, 1997 Kawasaki, Japan
Mr. Gannosuke January 8, 1998 Kawasaki, Japan
Hayabusa April 30, 1998 Yokohama, Japan
Kodo Fuyuki November 20, 1998 Yokohama, Japan
Mr. Gannosuke [2] May 18, 1999 -b-
Masato Tanaka [2] August 20, 1999 August 20, 1999 -c-

-a- Defeated Masato Tanaka in the finals of an eight-man tournament.

-b- Awarded the title by Fuyuki after Fuyuki sustains an injury.

-c- Title retired on August 25, 1999.

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