FMW Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
The Great Sasuke October 28, 1993 Tokyo, Japan -a-
Ricky Fuji Decemeber 20, 1994 Nagoya, Japan -b-
Hideki Hosaka February 6, 1995 Okazaki, Japan
Koji Nakagawa March 30, 1995 Yokohama, Japan -c-
Koji Nakagawa [2] November 20, 1995 Fukuoka, Japan -d-
TAKA Michinoku May 5, 1996 Kawasaki, Japan
El Santanico June 29, 1997 Mexico
TAKA Michinoku [2] August 25, 1997 Puebla, Mexico -e-
Minoru Tanaka May 5, 1999 Yokohama, Japan -f-
Yuuhi Sano May 14, 1999 Sapporo, Japan -g-
Minoru Tanaka [2] January 30, 2000 Tokyo, Japan

-a- Defeats Battle Ranger Z to become first champions. Title vacated in October of 1994 to allow Sasuke to prepare for an upcoming death match with Atsushi Onita.

-b- Defeats The Great Sasuke for the vacant title.

-c- Title is vacated in 1995.

-d- Defeats Ricky Fuji for the vacant title.

-e- Title is vacated on December 18, 1997.

-f- Defeats Ricky Fuji for the vacant title.

-g- Kodo Fuyuki becomes commissioner of the FMW and withdraws FMW's recognition of the belt. Sano is recognized as the first Independent World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Belt continues to be defended in multiple promotions.

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