FMW and WWA and Indpendent World Women's World Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Megumi Kudoh February 25, 1994 Tokyo, Japan -a-
Combat Toyoda June 19, 1994 Tokyo, Japan
Yukie Nabeno August 28, 1994 Osaka, Japan
Bad Nurse Nakamura March 20, 1995 Yokohama, Japan -b-
Megumi Kudoh [2] May 5, 1995 Kawasaki, Japan -c-
Shark Tsuchiya November 20, 1995 Fukuoka, Japan
Combat Toyoda [2] December 10, 1995 Tokyo, Japan
Megumi Kudoh [3] May 5, 1996 Kawasaki, Japan
Shark Tsuchiya [2] March 21, 1997 Fukuoka, Japan
Megumi Kudoh [4] April 29, 1997 Yokohama, Japan -d-
Shark Tsuchiya [3] September 28, 1997 Kawasaki, Japan -e-

-a- Defeated Leilani Kai to win the vacant WWA World title and is named the first Independent World champion.

-b- Title vacated on December 12, 1994 due to Nabeno's knee injury.

-c- Defeated Megumi Kudoh to win the vacant title.

-d- Kudoh's retirement match. Both titles officially vacated on June 13, 1997.

-e- Defeated Aja Kong for vacant titles. Belts are retired later in 1997.

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