FMW World Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Beast the Barbarian January 1990 -a-
Atsushi Onita January 17, 1990 Toyko, Japan -b-
Atsushi Onita [2] August 22, 1993 Nishinomiya, Japan -c-
Mr. Pogo January 6, 1994 Tokyo, Japan
Atsushi Onita [3] September 7, 1994 Sapporo, Japan
Mr. Pogo [2] January 21, 1995 Miyagi, Japan
Atsushi Onita [4] May 4, 1995 Nagoya, Japan -d-
Hayabusa June 27, 1995 Tokyo, Japan -e-
The Gladiator (Mike Awesome) September 26, 1995 Tokyo, Japan -f-
Super Leather February 23, 1996 Tokyo, Japan -g-
The Gladiator [2] May 27, 1996 Fukuoka, Japan -h-
Masato Tanaka September 28, 1997 Kawasaki, Japan
Mr. Gannosuke January 6, 1998 Tokyo, Japan
Hayabusa [2] April 30, 1998 Yokohama, Japan
Kodo Fuyuki November 20, 1998 Yokohama, Japan
Yukihiro Kanemura May 18, 1999 -i-
Hayabusa [3] August 23, 1999 Tokyo, Japan -j-

-a- Beast the Barbarian is recognized as the first champion.

-b- Title is vacated on February 27, 1991 and replaced by the World Martial Arts Title.

-c- Atsushi Onita defeated Mr. Pogo to win the vacant title when it is revived.

-d- Title vacated by Onita on May 5, 1995 when he retires.

-e- Hayabusa defeated Hisakatsu Ooya for the title and then vacated it immediately.

-f- The Gladiator defeats Hayabusa for the vacant title in the finals of an eight-man round robin tournament. Title vacated on January 5, 1996 due to injury.

-g- Defeats Ooya for the title for the vacant title.

-h- Wins the Independent World Heavyweight Title, defeating W*ING Kanemura on December 11, 1996 to unify the belts.

-i- Kanemura is awarded the title by FMW Commissioner Kodo Fuyuki after Fuyuki sustains a shoulder injury.

-j- Title is retired on August 25, 1999.

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