FMW World Street Fight Six-Man Tag Team Championship
Champions Date Won Location Notes
Super Leather and the Head Hunters (A and B) May 5, 1996 Kawasaki, Japan -a-
Masato Tanaka, Koji Nakagawa, and Tetsuhiro Kuroda June 26, 1996 Tokyo, Japan
Headhunters (A and B) [2] and Hisakatsu Ooya November 16, 1996 Osaka, Japan
Kodo Fuyuki, Gedo, and Jado March 21, 1997 Sendai, Japan -b-
The Gladiator, Hisakatsu Ooya [2], and Mr. Gannosuke August 5, 1997 Sapporo, Japan -c-
Hayabusa, Masato Tanaka [2], and Hisakastu Ooya [3] August 31, 1997 Yokohama, Japan
Atsushi Onita, Koji Nakagawa [2], and Tetsuhiro Kuroda [2] February 13, 1998 Chiba, Japan
Kodo Fuyuki [2], Yukihiro Kanemura, and Hido May 5, 1998 Wakayama, Japan -d-
Kodo Fuyuki [3], Koji Nakagawa [3], and Yukihiro Kanemura [2] June 28, 1998 Hachiohji, Japan -e-

-a- Defeat The Gladiator, Hisakatsu Ooya, and Horace Boulder to win the titles.

-b- Titles vacated in July of 1997.

-c- The Gladiator, Hisakatsu Ooya, and Mr. Gannosuke defeated Kodo Fuyuki, Jado, and Gedo in the finals of a 4-team tournament to win the belts.

-d- Titles vacated in June of 1998.

-e- Kodo Fuyuki, Koji Nakagawa, and Yukihiro Kanemura defeated Hayabusa, Ooya, and Ricky Fuji for the belts. Titles are abandoned in May of 1999 and replaced with the WEW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

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