Global Wrestling Federation North American Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
The Patriot August 10, 1991 Dallas, Texas -a-
The Patriot [2] August 23, 1991 Dallas, Texas -b-
The Dark Patriot January 31, 1992 Dallas, Texas
Eddie Gilbert March 27, 1992 Dallas, Texas -c-
Scott Putski May 29, 1992 Dallas, Texas -d-
Rod Price August 21, 1992 Dallas, Texas -e-
Stevie Ray February 5, 1993 Dallas, Texas
Rod Price [2] June 30, 1993 Dallas, Texas -f-
Iceman King Parsons September 3, 1993 Dallas, Texas -g-
Chris Adams December 25, 1993 Dallas, Texas
Rod Price [3] April 1, 1994 Dallas, Texas
Butch Reed June 4, 1994 Idabel, Oklahoma
Chris Adams [2] July 1, 1994 Dallas, Texas -h-

-a- Defeated Al Perez in a tournament final to become the first champion, but refuses to accept the title because Perez's feet were on the ropes.

-b- Defeated Al Perez in a rematch.

-c- Title vacated on May 24, 1992 when Gilbert leaves the GWF.

-d- Defeated Johnny Mantell in a tournament final.

-e- Awarded the belt after Putski was fired from the GWF.

-f- Awarded the belt and later stripped in August 1993 as a punishment for actions during a tour of Japan.

-g- Defeated Chris Adams by disqualification to win the title.

-h- Promotion closes on September 21, 1994

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