GWF Light Heavyweight Title Tournament July 12, 1991 - July 13, 1991
  • Block A Quarterfinals
The Handsome Stranger defeated Butch Blackheart
Rip Rogers defeated Ray Evans
Chaz defeated Ed Robinson
Lightning Kid defeated Bubba Fangman
  • Block A Semifinals
The Handsome Stranger defeated Rip Rogers
Lightning Kid defeated Chaz
  • Block A Finals
Lightning Kid defeated The Handsome Stranger
  • Block B Quarterfinals
John Tatum defeated Kris Germany
Terry Garvin defeated Kenny the Stinger
Terry Daniels defeated Rick Garren
Jerry Lynn defeated Randy Rhodes
  • Block B Semifinals
John Tatum defeated Terry Garvin
Jerry Lynn defeated Terry Daniels
  • Block B Finals
Jerry Lynn defeated John Tatum
  • Block C Quarterfinals
Mike Davis defeated Victor Gonzales
Brain Adias defeated El Bandelero
Adrian Street defeated Iceman King Parsons
Steve Simpson defeated Mike Stetson
  • Block C Semifinals
Mike Davis defeated Brain Adias
Steve Simpson defeated Adrian Street
  • Block C Finals
Steve Simpson defeated Mike Davis
  • Tournament Semifinals
Lightning Kid defeated Steve Simpson
  • Tournament Finals
Lightning Kid defeated Jerry Lynn
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