GWF North American Heavyweight Title Tournament August 9, 1991 - August 10, 1991
  • Block A Quarterfinals
The Patriot defeated The Soultaker
Axis the Demolisher defeated Terry Garvin
Steve Cox defeated Rod Price
Stan Lane defeated Action Jackson
  • Block A Semifinals
The Patriot defeated Axis the Demolisher
Stan Lane defeated Steve Cox
  • Block A Finals
The Patriot defeated Stan Lane
  • Block B Quarterfinals
Al Perez defeated The Handsome Stranger
John Tatum defeated Jeff Gaylord
Bad News Brown defeated El Azteca
Austin Idol defeated Tony Anthony
  • Block B Semifinals
Al Perez defeated John Tatum
Austin Idol defeated Bad News Brown
  • Block B Finals
Al Perez defeated Austin Idol
  • Block C Quarterfinals
Cactus Jack defeated Gary Young
Brian Lee defeated Bill Irwin
Steve Dane defeated Tug Taylor
Terry Gordy defeated Randy Rhodes
  • Block C Semifinals
Cactus Jack defeated Brian Lee
Terry Gordy defeated Steve Dane
  • Block C Finals
Terry Gordy defeated Cactus Jack
  • Tournament Semifinals
Al Perez defeated Terry Gordy
  • Tournament Finals
The Patriot defeated Al Perez
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