GWF Television Title Tournament June 28, 1991- June 29, 1991
  • Block A Quarterfinals
The Patriot defeated Stan Lane
Bill Irwin defeated Fantasma
Randy Rhodes defeated Sweet Daddy Falcone
Billy Black defeated Brian Adias
  • Block A Semifinals
The Patriot defeated Bill Irwin
Billy Black defeated Randy Rhodes
  • Block A Finals
The Patriot defeated Billy Black
  • Block B Quarterfinals
Buddy Landell defeated Gary Young
Nick Busich defeated Jimmy James
Adrian Street defeated Axl Rotten
Rasta the Voodoo Mon defeated Jeff Gaylord
  • Block B Semifinals
Buddy Landell defeated Nick Busich
Adrian Street defeated Rasta the Voodoo Mon
  • Block B Finals
Buddy Landell defeated Adrian Street
  • Block C Quarterfinals
Muhkan Singh defeated Terry Daniels
Terry Garvin defeated Zebra Kid
Rip Rogers defeated The Hitman
Chris Walker defeated Doug Somers
  • Block C Semifinals
Mukhan Singh defeated Terry Garvin
Chris Walker defeated Rip Rogers
  • Block C Finals
Chris Walker defeated Muhkan Singh
  • Tournament Semifinals
The Patriot defeated Chris Walker
  • Tournament Finals
The Patriot defeated Buddy Landell
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