Kaientai Dojo Strongest K Tag Team Championship
Champions Date Won Location Notes
Kazma and Kengo Mashimo February 27, 2005 Chiba, Japan -a-
Shiori Asahi and Makoto Oishi February 6, 2006 Tokyo, Japan
Joe and Yasu Urano April 6, 2006 Tokyo, Japan
Yuji Hino and Saburo Inamatsu January 7, 2007 Tokyo, Japan
MIYAWAKI and YOSHIYA May 6, 2007 Chiba, Japan -b-
Ryota Chikuzen and KAZMA September 4, 2007 Tokyo, Japan -c-
Madoka and Kengo Mashimo October 7, 2007 Fukuoka, Japan
Handsome Joe and TAKA Michinoku November 5, 2007

-a- Defeated Ryota Chikuzen and TAKA Michinoku in the finals of a tournament to become the first champions.

-b- Vacated after YOSHIYA tried to give his half of the title to Yuji Hino in order to take time off to allow injuries to heal. Instead, the title are held-up.

-c- Defeated MIYAWAKI and Naoki Tanisaki for the vacant titles.

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