Mid-South Wrestling Association Louisiana Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Mike George April 21, 1979 New Orleans, LA -a-
Mike Sharpe September 5, 1979 Baton Rouge, LA
Ernie Ladd January 18, 1980 Shreveport, LA
Junkyard Dog March 14, 1980 Shreveport, LA
Terry Gordy May 2, 1980 Shreveport, LA
Junkyard Dog [2] 1980 -b-
Ken Mantell July 25, 1980 -c-
Johnny Mantell 1980 -d-
Jake Roberts 1980
Ernie Ladd [2] January 16, 1981 Shreveport, LA
Jim Garvin March 1981 Shreveport, LA
Super Destroyer May 1, 1981
Bob Roop July 22, 1981 Shreveport, LA
The Great Kabuki October 1981 Shreveport, LA
Junkyard Dog [3] December 7, 1981 New Orleans, LA -e-
Killer Khan July 6, 1982 Baton Rouge, LA
Mike Sharpe [2] August 18, 1982 Shreveport, LA
Jim Duggan October 13, 1982 Shreveport, LA -f-

-a- Title renamed the Mid-South Wrestling Association Louisiana Heavyweight title after Bill Watts' expansion in 1979. Formerly known as the NWA Gulf Coast Louisiana Championship, and the NWA Tri-States Louisiana Championship.

-b- Vacated after JYD is injured by the Fabulous Freebirds.

-c- Defeated Wahoo McDaniel in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant title.

-d- Defended the title for his brother.

-e- Vacated after JYD wins the North American Title in June 1982.

-f- Title is retired in 1983.

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