Memphis Power Pro Television Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Blade March 25, 2000 Memphis, TN -a-
Khan June 24, 2000 Memphis, TN
Bulldog Raines December 2, 2000 Memphis, TN
RodRageous January 27, 2001 Memphis, TN
Grandmaster Sexay February 21, 2001 Jonesboro, AR
RodRageous [2] February 24, 2001 Memphis, TN -b-**

-a- Wins a battle royal to become the first champion.

-b- Vacated on March 17, 2001 when the WWF pulls their affiliation. Since RodRageous is a WWF-contracted wrestler, he is stripped on the title. MPPW folds in mid-2001.

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