NWA Bahamas Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Sweet Brown Sugar 1982 -a-
Jim Garvin December 1982 Fli
Rufus R. Jones December 7, 1982 Tampa, FL
Angelo Mosca April 1983
Dusty Rhodes July 1983 Nassau, Bahamas -b-
Buddy Rose October 12, 1985 Nassau, Bahamas -c-
Tyree Pride Novemeber 1985
Jerry Grey March 1986
Tyree Pride [2] March 15, 1986 Nassau, Bahamas
Ron Bass May 31, 1986 Nassau, Bahamas
Lex Luger June 13, 1986 Nassau, Bahamas
Tyree Pride [3] July 5, 1986 Nassau, Bahamas -d-
Chris Champion August 3, 1986 Orlando, FL
The Falcon September 28, 1986 Orlando, FL
Bad News Allen December 16, 1986 Orlando, FL -e-

-a- Records are unclear as to how Sweet Brown Sugar got the title initially.

-b- Vacated in 1984 when Rhodes goes to Jim Crockett Promotions full time, belt then becomes inactive in 1985.

-c- Defeated Pez Whatley in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-d- Defeated Ron Bass in a tag team match which included Luger to win the belt.

-e- Unified with the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Championship and retired on January 31, 1987.

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