NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Spyder October 11, 2003 Parkersburg, WV -a-
Dru Onyx October 15, 2004 Winnipeg, Canada -b-
Fergal Devitt October 27, 2004 Cardiff, England
Dru Onyx [2] October 30, 2004 Ashford, England
Fergall Devitt [2] October 8, 2005 Nashville, TN
Karl Anderson March 12, 2006 Santa Monica, CA
Alex Koslov June 11, 2006 Santa Monica, CA
Justin White July 9, 2006 Santa Monica, CA
Paul Tracey August 27, 2006 Bray, Ireland
Dru Onyx [3] October 26, 2007 St. Albans, VT

-a- Defated Fergal Devitt to become the first champion. Not allowed to defend the title due to a controversial finish that was under review as well as multiple protests from NWA UK Hammerlock; stipped of the title on October 1, 2004.

-b- Defeated Will Phoenix for the vacant belt.

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