NWA British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Majik March 1, 2002 Bedworth, England -a-
Psycho Steve October 27, 2004 Cardiff, Wales -b-
Kurupt February 9, 2005
Keith Loughman May 20, 2005 Margate, England
Kurupt [2] May 29, 2005 Brey, Ireland
Danny Williams June 1, 2005 Chatha, England
Falcon October 1, 2005 Bellshill, Scotland
Zack Sabre Jr. October 22, 2005 Cumbria, England

-a- Defeated Alan Johnson, Jester, and Paul Vault in a 4-man knockout tournament to become the first champion; vacated on October 26, 2004 due to injury.

-b- Wins title in a Last Man Standing Riot match.

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