NWA International Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Lou Thesz 1949 -a-
Rikizodan August 27, 1958 Los Angeles, California -b-
Giant Baba November 24, 1965 Osaka, Japan -c-
Bobo Brazil June 25, 1968 Nagoya, Japan
Giant Baba [2] June 27, 1968 Tokyo, Japan
The Shiek 1969 Los Angeles, California
Giant Baba [3] 1969 Los Angeles, California
Gene Kiniski December 3, 1970 Osaka, Japan
Giant Baba [4] December 19, 1970 Los Angeles, California -d-
Bobo Brazil [2] December 1, 1972 Yokohama, Japan -e-
Kintaro Ohki December 4, 1972 Hiroshima, Japan -f-
Dory Funk Jr. April 30, 1981 Matsudo, Japan -g-
Butch Reed 1981 Florida -h-
Dory Funk Jr. [2] 1981 Florida
Bruiser Brody October 9, 1981 Tokyo, Japan
Dory Funk Jr. [3] November 1, 1981 Tokyo, Japan
Bruiser Brody [2] April 21, 1982 Osaka, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta August 30, 1983 Tokyo, Japan
Stan Hansen July 31, 1986 Tokyo, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta [2] October 21, 1986 Tokyo, Japan
Bruiser Brody [3] March 27, 1988 Tokyo, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta [3] April 19, 1988 Tokyo, Japan -i-

-a- Awarded title by the NWA.

-b- Vacated on December 15, 1963 following the death of Rikizodan.

-c- Defeated Dick the Bruiser for the title.

-d- Vacated on September 2, 1972 when Baba leaves the Japan Wrestling Association (promotion holding the belt at the time) to found AJPW.

-e- Defeated Kintaro Ohki for the belt.

-f- Ordered to vacate the title by the NWA, title was vacated on April 13, 1981.

-g- Wins tournament for the belt after receiving a bye through the finals when Bruiser Brody is injured and unable to compete.

-h- Title change is not recognized in Japan.

-i- Unified the NWA International Heavyweight title with the PWF World and NWA United National titles by defeating Stan Hansen. All three belts are then recognized as the All-Japan Triple Crown Heavyweight Title.

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