NWA National Television Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Terry Taylor August 22, 1980 Atlanta, GA
Terry Funk October 1980
Steve Keirn November 1980
Kevin Sullivan November 29, 1980 Atlanta, GA
Steve O January 16, 1981 Atlanta, GA
Bobby Eaton January 22, 1981 Atlanta, GA
Steve O [2] January 23, 1981
Kevin Sullivan [2] February 21, 1981 Atlanta, GA
Steve Keirn [2] March 1, 1981 -a-
Iron Sheik May 28, 1983 Atlanta, GA -b-
Ron Garvin July 17, 1983 Atlanta, GA
Jake Roberts November 6, 1983 Atlanta, GA -c-
Ron Garvin [2] April 7, 1984 Baltimore, MD
Jake Roberts [2] June 17, 1984 Atlanta, GA -d-
Ron Garvin [3] July 1, 1984 Atlanta, GA -e-
Bob Roop September 1984
Ron Garvin [4] December 28, 1984 Saginaw, MI
Bob Roop [2] January 1985 -f-
Ron Garvin [5] April 14, 1985 Atlanta, GA -g-

-a- Vacated in 1981 then becomes inactive.

-b- Defeated Ron Garvin via DQ in the finals of a tournament to win the revived title.

-c- Recognized by the NWA as the World Television Title as of March 1984.

-d- Title held-up immediatly after Roberts' victory because he used an foreign object.

-e- Wins rematch against Roberts for the held-up belt.

-f- Title revered back to National status after Jim Crockett Promotions buys Georgia Championship Wrestling and recognizes its Television title as the World title.

-g- Title abandoned April 1985.

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