NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Gary Steele November 2, 2001 Telford, England -a-
Johnny Moss February 10, 2002 Herne Bay, England -b-
Johnny Moss [2] June 7, 2002 Maidstone, England -c-
Hugh Mungus October 19, 2004 Margate, England -d-
Paul Tracey October 25, 2004 Hertford, England
Dru Onyx October 29, 2004 Maidstone, England -e-
Johnny Moss [3] October 31, 2004 Rugby, England -f-
Paul Tracey [2] September 30, 2005 Kilcoole, Ireland
Johnny Moss [4] October 18, 2005 Bray, Ireland
Dan Severn February 16, 2006 Grays, England
Johnny Moss [5] February 18, 2006 Maidstone, England
Conscience March 17, 2007 Bellshill, Scotland

-a- Defeated Johnny Moss in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.

-b- Vacated in May 2002.

-c- Defeated Steve Wolofski for the vacant belt.

-d- Defeated Exodus for the vacant belt.

-e- Stripped on October 30, 2004 for being unable to defend the title within 30 days.

-f- Defeated Fergal Devitt for the vacant title.

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