NWA United National Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Dale Lewis October 1970 St. Louis, Missouri -a-
Pantera Negra November 1970 Los Angeles, California
John Tolos November 20, 1970 Los Angeles, California
Rey Mendoza December 4, 1970 Los Angeles, California
John Tolos [2] March 1971 -b-
Antonio Inoki March 26, 1971 Los Angeles, California -c-
King Krow January 1972 Vancover, British Columbia -d-
Seiji Sakaguchi February 11, 1972 Los Angeles, California
The Shiek September 6, 1972 Tokyo, Japan
Seiji Sakaguchi [2] September 7, 1972 Osaka, Japan
Johnny Valentine March 2, 1972 Yokohama, Japan
Akihisa Takachiho March 8, 1973 Sano, Japan -e-
Jumbo Tsuruta August 28, 1976 Tokyo, Japan -f-
Billy Robinson March 5, 1977 Akita, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta [2] March 23, 1977 Miami, Florida
Dick Murdoch February 23, 1980 Kagoshima, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta [3] March 5, 1980 Kuroiso, Japan
Abdullah the Butcher October 13, 1980 Nagoya, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta [4] January 22, 1981 Nirasaki, Japan
Harley Race August 1, 1982 Tokyo, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta [5] October 24, 1982 Kitami, Japan -g-
Ted DiBiase October 14, 1983 -h-
Michael Hayes January 28, 1984 Athens, Georgia
David Von Erich February 3, 1984 Dallas, Texas -i-
Genchiro Tenryu February 23, 1984 Tokyo, Japan -j-
Genchiro Tenryu [2] April 26, 1986 Omiya, Japan -k-
Stan Hansen July 27, 1988 Nagano, Japan -l-
Jumbo Tsuruta [6] April 18, 1989 Tokyo, Japan -m-

-a- Wins a tournament to become the first champion.

-b- NWA returns the belt to Tolos after they ruled that Mendoza won on a fast count. Mendoza had been defending the belt for two months.

-c- Title vacated after Inoki was expelled from the JWA on December 13, 1971.

-d- Defeats Sailor Art Thomas in a tournament final to win the belt.

-e- Title vacated after the JWA folds on April 14, 1973.

-f- Defeats Akihisa Takachiho and Jack Brisco to claim undisputed champion.

-g- Vacated on June 17, 1983 to concentrate on winning the NWA International Heavyweight Title.

-h- Defeats Jerry Lawler via forfeit in the finals of a 12-man tournament for the vacant belt.

-i- Vacated after Von Erich's death on February 10, 1984.

-j- Defeats Ricky Steamboat to win the vacant title. Vacated in February 1986.

-k- Defeats Ted DiBiase for the vacant title. Also defeats Stan Hansen for the PWF World Heavyweight Title on March 9, 1988.

-l- Wins both the NWA United National title and the PWF World Title.

-m- Defeats Stan Hansen to unify all three titles to form the All-Japan Triple Crown Championship.

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