NWA United States Heavyweight Title Tournament - October 4, 1981
  • First Round
Pat Patterson defeated Mike David
Ricky Steamboat defeated Nikolai Volkoff
Leroy Brown defeated Super Destroyer
Ivan Koloff defeated Ron Bass
Sgt. Slaughter defeated Johnny Weaver
Jay Youngblood defeated Steve Muslin
Jacques Goulet defeated Dusty Rhodes
Ole Anderson defeated Ron Ritchie
  • Quarterfinals
Ricky Steamboat defeated Pat Patterson
Leroy Brown defeated Ivan Koloff
Sgt. Slaughter defeated Jay Youngblood
Jacques Goulet and Ole Anderson Fought to a double DQ
  • Semifinals
Ricky Steamboat defeated Leroy Brown
Sgt. Slaughter receives a bye
  • Finals
Sgt. Slaughter defeated Ricky Steamboat
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