NWA World Heavyweight Championship Under TNA Control
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Ken Shamrock June 19, 2002 Huntsville, AL -a-
Ron Killings August 7, 2002 Nashville, TN
Jeff Jarrett November 20, 2002 Nashville, TN
AJ Styles June 11, 2003 Nashville, TN
Jeff Jarrett [2] October 22, 2003 Nashville, TN
AJ Styles [2] April 21, 2004 Nashville, TN
Ron Killings [2] May 19, 2004 Nashville, TN -b-
Jeff Jarrett [3] June 2, 2004 Nashville, TN
AJ Styles [3] May 15, 2005 Orlando, FL
Raven June 19, 2005 Orlando, FL -c-
Jeff Jarrett [4] September 15, 2005 Oldcastle, ON
Rhino October 23, 2005 Orlando, FL
Jeff Jarrett [5] October 25, 2005 Orlando, FL
Christian Cage February 12, 2006 Orlando, FL
Jeff Jarrett [6] June 18, 2006 Orlando, FL -d-
Sting [2] October 22, 2006 Plymouth, MI
Abyss November 19, 2006 Orlando, FL
Christian Cage [2] January 14, 2007 Orlando, FL -e-
Kurt Angle May 13, 2007 Orlando, FL -f-
  • TNA is given control of the NWA World Heavyweight and NWA World Tag Team titles in July of 2002.

-a- Defeats Malice after the two become the final men in a battle royal.

-b- Defeats Styles, Chris Harris, and Raven in a Deadly Draw 4-Way Match.

-c- Defeats, Styles, Monty Brown, Sean Waltman, and Abyss in a King of the Mountain match.

-d- Defeats Cage, Abyss, Ron Killings and Sting in a King of the Mountain match.

-e- Defeats Abyss and Sting in a three-way match.

-f- Defeats Cage and Sting in a three-way match. With the win Angle becomes the second man to hold the NWA and WWE World titles. Earlier in the day, the NWA Board of Directors stripped the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Christian Cage when the NWA dissolves its ties with TNA.

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