NWA World Television Championship (Mid-Atlantic Version)
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Jake Roberts March 1984 -a-
Ron Garvin April 7, 1984 Baltimore, MD
Jake Roberts [2] June 17, 1984 Atlanta, GA -b-
Ron Garvin [2] July 1, 1984 Atlanta, GA -c-
Bob Roop September 1984
Ron Garvin [3] December 28, 1984 Saginaw, MI
Bob Roop [2] January 1985 -d-
Dusty Rhodes March 16, 1985 Charlotte, NC -e-
Tully Blanchard April 28, 1985 Charlotte, NC
Dusty Rhodes [2] July 6, 1985 Charlotte, NC -f-
Arn Anderson January 4, 1986 Greensboro, NC -g-
Dusty Rhodes [3] September 9, 1986 Columbia, SC
Tully Blanchard [2] November 26, 1986 Greensboro, NC
Nikita Koloff August 17, 1987 Fayetteville, NC -h-
Mike Rotunda January 26, 1988 Raleigh, NC
Rick Steiner December 26, 1988 Norfolk, VA
Mike Rotunda [2] February 20, 1989 Chicago, IL
Sting March 31, 1989 Atlanta, GA -i-
The Great Muta September 3, 1989 Atlanta, GA -j-
Arn Anderson [2] January 2, 1990 Gainesville, GA
Tom Zenk December 4, 1990 Gainesville, GA
Arn Anderson [3] January 14, 1991 Marietta, GA -k-

-a- Roberts wins the NWA National Television Title on November 6, 1983. Recognized as NWA World Television Champion after Match 1984.

-b- Held-up becuase Roberts used a foreign object in a title defense against Garvin.

-c- Won the rematch via count-out for the held-up title.

-d- Title status as "world" title stripped and belt reverts to National Television Title in March 1985.

-e- Defeats Tully Blanchard for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Television Title to unify the belts. Title regains World title status.

-f- Stripped on October 19, 1985 due to a leg injury.

-g- Defeated Wahoo McDaniel in the finals of a tournament for the vacant belt.

-h- Defeated Terry Taylor to unify title with the UWF Television Title.

-i- Held-up after July 23, 1989 match against the Great Muta went to a no contest.

-j- Defeated Sting in a rematch for the held-up belt.

-k- Renamed the WCW World Television Championship in January 1991.

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