NWF World Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Johhny Powers 1970 Los Angeles, CA -a-
Waldo Von Erich November 20, 1971 Akron, OH
Dominic Denucci December 8, 1971 Buffalo, NY
Waldo Von Erich [2] January 5, 1972 Buffalo, NY
Ernie Ladd June 9, 1972 Cleveland, OH
Abdullah teh Butcher June 24, 1972 Akron, OH
Johnny Valentine October 19, 1972 Cleveland, OH -b-
Jacques Rougeau January 24, 1973 Buffalo, NY -c-
Johnny Valentine [2] August 1973
Johhny Powers [2] 1973 Rochester, NY
Antonio Inoki December 10, 1973 Tokyo, Japan -d-
Tiger Jeet Singh March 15, 1975 Hiroshima, Japan -e-
Antonio Inoki [2] June 26, 1975 Tokyo, Japan
Stan Hansen February 8, 1980 Tokyo, Japan
Antonio Inoki [3] April 3, 1980 Tokyo, Japan -f-
Antonio Inoki [4] April 23, 1981 Tokyo, Japan -g-
Yoshihiro Takayama January 4, 2003 Tokyo, Japan -h-
Shinsuke Nakamura January 4, 2004 Tokyo, Japan -i-

-a- Defeated Fred Blassie in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.

-b- Vacated in January 1973.

-c- Defeated Waldo Von Erich in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant title.

-d- Stripped on February 12, 1975 because of Inoki's refusal to defend against Tiger jeet Singh.

-e- Defeated Antonio Inoki for the vacant belt.

-f- Held-up after a no contest agaisnt Stan Hansen on April 17, 1980.

-g- Defeated Hansen in a rematch for the held-up title; Inoki immediatly abandons title to enter the IWGP Title league.

-h- Defeated Tsuyoshi Kohsaka in the finals of a tournament to win the newly revived title.

-i- Title unified with the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

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