OVW Women's Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
ODB August 2006 Louisville, KY -a-
Serena September 13, 2006 Louisville, KY -b-
Beth Phoenix October 4, 2006 Louisville, KY
Katie Lea November 1, 2006 Louisville, KY -c-
ODB [2] June 1, 2007 Louisville, KY
Roucka September 19, 2007 Louisville, KY
Katie Lea [2] February 20, 2008 Louisville, KY
Josie February 27, 2008 Louisville, KY
Serena [2] May 23, 2008 Louisville, KY

-a- Recognized as first champion when she enters OVW, saying that she won a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

-b- Defeated ODB, Beth Phoenix, and Katie Lea in a 4-Way match to win the belt.

-c- Lea defeated Serena in the final leg of a gauntlet match that also included Beth Phoenix, Ariel, Roni Jonah, Jenny Mae, Melody, and ODB.

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