Pacific Wrestling Federation United States Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
The Destroyer December 1970 -a-
Peter Maivia December 1970 Samoa
The Destroyer [2] December 1970 -b-
Abdullah the Butcher October 12, 1975 Osaka, Japan
The Destroyer [3] December 3, 1975 Kiryu, Japan -c-
The Destroyer [4] October 28, 1976 Tokyo, Japan -d-
Mil Mascaras August 18, 1978 Kagoshima, Japan
The Destroyer [5] September 11, 1978 Morioka, Japan -e-

-a- Title is created after The Destroyer refurbishes the North American Heavyweight title, based in Honolulu. Billed as the United States champion during world tour.

-b- Becomes a PWF title in 1974.

-c- Belt held up after a match with Abdullah the Butcher on October 10, 1976.

-d- Defeats Abdullah the Butcher in the rematch to regain the title.

-e- Title is abandoned after The Destroyer returns to the U.S.

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