UFC #2 "No Way Out" - March 11, 1994

Denver, Colorado - Mammoth Gardens

First Round - First 7 fights of round were not seen on PPV

Scott Morris defeated Sean Daugherty via submission 0:20
Patrick Smith defeated Ray Wizard via submission 0:58
Johnny Rhodes defeated David Levicki via submission 12:13
Frank Hamaker* defeated Thaddeus Luster via submission 4:52
Orlando Weit KOd Robert Lucarelli 2:50
Remco Pardoel defeated Alberto Cerra Leon via submission 9:51
Jason DeLucia defeated Scott Baker via submission 6:41
Royce Gracie defeated Minoki Ichihara via submission 5:06

*Hamaker withdrew due to injury. He was replaced by Fred Ettish.


Patrick Smith KOd Scott Morris 0:21
Johnny Rhodes defeated Fred Ettish via submission 3:08
Remco Pardoel KOd Orlando Weit 1:26
Royce Gracie defeated Jason DeLucia via submission 1:02


Patrick Smith defeated Johnny Rhodes via submission 1:05
Royce Gracie defeated Remco Pardoel via submission 1:26


Royce Gracie KOd Patrick Smith 1:16

UFC #3 "The American Dream" - September 9, 1994

Charlotte, North Carolina - Independence Arena


Keith Hackney* defeated Emmanuel Yarborough via submission 1:59
Ken Shamrock defeated Christopher Leninger via submission 4:49
Harold Howard KOd Roland Payne 0:46
Royce Gracie defeated Kimo via submission 4:40
  • Hackney was forced to withdraw due to injury. Replaced by Felix Lee Mitchell


Ken Shamrock* defeated Felix Lee Mitchell via submission 4:36
Harold Howard defeated Royce Gracie via forfeit 0:00

*Shamrock also withdraws after his match due to injury. Replaced by Steve Jennum.


Steve Jennum KOd Harold Howard 1:29

UFC #4 "Revenge Of The Warriors" - December 16, 1994

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Expo Center Pavilion

Alternate Bouts

Joe Charles defeated Kevin Rosier via submission 0:14
Marcus Bosset KOd Eldo Dias Xavier 4:55
Guy Metzger defeated Jason Fairn via TKO 2:15


Royce Gracie defeated Ron Van Clief via submission 3:49
Keith Hackney defeated Joe Son via submission 2:42
Steve Jennum* defeated Melton Bowen via submission 4:42
Dan Severn defeated Anthony Macias via submission 1:45

*Jennum was forced to withdraw do to injury. Replaced by Marcus Bossett.


Royce Gracie defeated Keith Hackney via submission 5:34
Dan Severn defeated Marcus Bossett via submission 0:49


Royce Gracie defeated Dan Severn via submission 15:49
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