UFC 16 "Battle in the Bayou" - March 13, 1998

Kenner, Louisiana - Ponchatrain Center

Alternate Bouts

Chris Brennan defeated Courtney Turner via submission 1:19
Laverne Clark KO'd Josh Stuart 1:21

Light Heavyweight Semifinal Bouts

Mike Burnett KO'd Eugenio Tadeu 10:00
Pat Miletich defeated Townsend Saunders via split decision 15:00

Middleweight SuperFight

Jerry Bohlander defeated Kevin Jackson via submission 10:25

Light Heavyweight Final Bout

Pat Miletich defeated Chris Brennan via submission 9:02

Heavyweight SuperFight

Tsuyoshi Kosaka defeated Kimo via unanimous decision 15:00

UFC Middleweight Title Bout

Frank Shamrock (c) KO'd Igor Zinoviev 0:23

UFC 17 "Redemption" - May 15, 1998

Mobile, Alabama - Civic Center

Heavyweight Exhibition

Andre Roberts KO'd Harry Moskowitz 3:51

UFC Middleweight Title Bout

Frank Shamrock (c) defeated Jeremy Horn via submission 16:29

Middleweight Tournament Alternate Bout

Chuck Liddell defeated Noe Hernandez via unanimous decision 12:00

Middleweight Semifinal Bouts

Dan Henderson defeated Allen Goes via unanimous decision 15:00
Carlos Newton defeated Bob Gilstrap via submission 0:52

Heavyweight SuperFights

Mike Van Arsdale defeated Joe Pardo via submission 11:02
Tank Abbott KO'd Hugo Duarte 0:44

Middleweight Tournament Final

Dan Henderson defeated Carlos Newton via split decision 15:00


Pete Williams KO'd Mark Coleman 12:37

UFC "Ultimate Brazil" - October 16, 1998

Sao Paolo, Brazil - Ginasai de Portuguesa

Alternate Bouts

Tulio Palhares KO'd Adriano Santos 9:00
Ceasr Martrucci KO'd Paulo Santos 10:27
Ebenezer Fontes Braga defeated Jeremy Horn via submission 3:28 Middleweight Bout
Tsuyoshi Kosaka defeated Pete Williams via split decision 15:00 Heavyweight Bout

Bout to become the first UFC Lightweight Champion

Pat Miletich defeated Mikey Burnett via split decision 21:00
Pedro Rizzo KO'd Tank Abbott 8:07 Heavyweight Bout
Vitor Belfort KO'd Vanderlei Silva 0:45 Middleweight Bout

UFC Middleweight Title Bout

Frank Shamrock (c) defeated John Lober via submission 7:40
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