UFC 18 "The Road to the Heavyweight Title" - January 8, 1999

Kenner, Louisiana - Pontchartrain Center

Laverne Clark defeated Frank Caracci via submission 6:59 Alternate Bout
Evan Tanner defeated Darrell Gholar via submission 7:57 Middleweight Bout
Mike Burnett defeated Townsend Saunders via unanimous decision 15:00 Lightweight Bout
Tito Ortiz KO'd Jerry Bohlander 14:31 Middleweight Bout
Pedro Rizzo defeated Mark Coleman via split decision 15:00 Heavyweight Bout
Pat Miletich (c) defeated Jorge Patrino via unanimous decision 21:00 UFC Lightweight Title Bout
Bas Rutten KO'd Tsuyoshi Kosaka 14:15 Heavyweight Bout

UFC 19 "Young Guns" - March 5, 1999

Bay St. Louis, Missouri - Casino Magic

Sionne Latu KO'd Joey Roberts 10:00 Preliminary Bout
Pete Williams defeated Jason Godsey via submission 1:55 Heavyweight Bout
Evan Tanner KO'd Valeri Ignotov 2:58 Middleweight Bout
Kevin Randleman defeated Maurice Smith via unanimous decision 15:00 Heavyweight Bout
Jeremy Horn KO'd Chuck Liddell 12:00 Middleweight Bout
Gary Goodridge defeated Andre Roberts via submission 0:45 Heavyweight Bout
Tito Ortiz KO'd Guy Mezger 9:58 Middleweight Bout

UFC 20 "The Battle for the Gold" - May 7, 1999

Birmingham, Alabama - Boutwell Auditorium

Ron Waterman KO'd Chris Condo 0:28 Preliminary Bout
Laverne Clark KO'd Fabiano Iha 1:31 Lightweight Bout
Vanderlei Silva KO'd Tony Petarra 2:53 Middleweight Bout
Marcello Mello KO'd David Roberts 1:20 Lightweight Bout
Pete Williams defeated Travis Fulton via submission 6:28 Heavyweight Bout
Bas Rutten defeated Kevin Randleman via split decision 21:00 UFC Heavyweight Title Bout

UFC 21 "Return of the Champion" - July 16, 1999

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Five Seasons Center

Travis Fulton defeated David Dodd via unanimous decision 5:00 - 2nd Rd. Preliminary Bout
Andre Roberts KO'd Ron Waterman 3:01 - 1st Rd. Preliminary Bout
Eugene Jackson defeated Royce Alger via submission 1:19 - 2nd Rd. Middleweight Bout
Tsyoshi Kosaka defeated Tim Lajick via doctor stoppage 5:00 - 2nd Rd. Heavyweight Bout
Paul Jones defeated Flavio Luis Moura via submission 4:21 - 1st Rd. Middleweight out
Jeremy Horn KO'd Daijyu Takase 4:44 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout
Pat Miletich (c) KO'd Andre Pedernairis 2:20 - 2nd Rd. UFC Light Heavyweight Title Bout
Maurice Smith defeated Marco Ruas via corner stoppage 5:00 - 1st Rd. Heavyweight Bout

UFC 22 "Only One Can Be Champion" - September 24, 1999

Lake Charles, Louisiana - Civic Center

Alfonso Alcarez drew with Jens Pulver Judged draw 5:00 - 2nd Rd. Preliminary Bout
Brad Kohler KO's Steve Judson 0:31 - 1sr Rd. Heavyweight Bout
Ron Waterman drew with Tim Lajcik judged draw 5:00 - 3rd. Rd. Heavyweight Bout
Matt Hughes defeated Val Ignatov via unanimous decision 5:00 3rd Rd. Lightweight Bout
John Lewis KO'd Lowell Anderson 0:15 - 3rd Rd. Middleweight Bout
Jeremy Horn defeated Jason Godsey via submission 2:08 - 1st Rd. Heavyweight Bout
Chuck Liddell KO'd Paul Jones 3:38 - 1st. Rd. Middleweight Bout
Frank Shamrock (c) defeated Tito Ortiz via submission 4:45 - 4th Rd. UFC Middleweight Title Bout

UFC 23 "Ultimate Japan II" - November 14, 1999

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo NK Hall

UFC Japan Semifinal Bouts

Katsuhuisa Fuji KO'd Masatatsu Yano 3:12 - 2nd Rd.
Kenichi Yamamoto defeated Daijyo Takase via unanimous decision 3rd Rd. - 5:00
Eugene Jackson KO'd Kei Yamamiya 3:12 - 3rd Rd. Middleweight Bout
Joe Slick KO'd Jason DeLucia 1:27 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout

UFC Japan Tournament Final

Kenichi Yamamoto defeated Katsuhisa Fuji via submission 4:14 - 2nd Rd.
Pedro Rizzo KO'd Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 1:12 - 3rd Rd. Heavyweight Bout

Bout for vacant UFC Heavyweight Title

Kevin Randleman defeated Pete Williams via unanimous decision 5:00 - 5th Rd.
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