UFC Silva vs. Irvin

UFC Silva vs. Irvin - July 19, 2008

The Pearl at the Palms - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Preliminary Bout
Brad Blackburn defeated James Giboo via TKO 2:29 - 2nd Rd. Welterweight Bout
Rory Markham KO'd Brodie Farber 1:37 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Shannon Gugerty defeated Dale Hart via submission 3:33 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Nate Loughran defeated Johnny Rees via submission 4:21 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout
Tim Credur defeated Cale Yarbrough via TKO 1:54 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout
  • Main Card
C.B. Dollaway defeated Jesse Taylor via submission 3:58 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout
Kevin Burns defeated Anthony Johnson via TKO 3:45 - 3rd Rd. Welterweight Bout
Cain Velasquez defeated Jake O'Brien via TKO 2:02 - 1st Rd. Heavyweight Bout
Frankie Edgar defeated Hermes Franca via unanimous decision 5:00 - 3rd Rd. Lightweight Bout
Brandon Vera defeated Reese Andy via unanimous decision 5:00 - 3rd Rd. Light Heavyweight Bout
Anderson Silva KO'd James Irvin 1:01 - 1st Rd. Light Heavyweight Bout
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