UFC Fight Night 11

UFC Fight Night 11 - September 19, 2007

The Pearl at the Palms - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Preliminary Card
Dustin Hazelett defeated Jonathan Goulet via submission 1:14 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Thiago Alves defeated Kuniyoshi Hironaka via submission 4:04 - 2nd Rd. Welterweight Bout
Cole Miller defeated Leonard Garcia via unanimous decision 5:00 - 3rd Rd. Lightweight Bout
Luke Cummo defeated Edilberto de Olivera via TKO 1:45 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Gray Maynard KO'd Joe Veres 0:09 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
  • Main Card
Nathan Quarry KO'd Pete Sell 0:44 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout
Nathan Diaz defeated Junior Assuncao via submission 4:10 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Chris Leben KO'd Terry Martin 3:56 - 3rd Rd. Middleweight Bout
Kenny Florian defeated Din Thomas via submission 4:30 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
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