UFC Fight Night 13

UFC Fight Night 13 - April 2, 2008

Broomfield Event Center - Broomfield, Colorado

  • Preliminary Card
Anthony Johnson KO'd Tommy Speer 0:51 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Georger Sotiropoulous defeated Roman Mitichyan via TKO 2:24 - 2nd Rd. Welterweight Bout
Clay Guida defeated Samy Schiavo via TKO 4:51 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Manuel Gamburyan defeated Jeff Cox via submission 1:21 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Marcus Aurelio defeated Ryan Roberts via submission 0:16 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Josh Neer defeated Din Thomas via unanimous decision 5:00 - 3rd Rd. Lightweight Bout
  • Main Card
James Irvin KO'd Houston Alexander 0:08 - 1st Rd. Light Heavyweight Bout
Nathan Diaz defeated Kurt Pellegrino via submission 3:06 - 2nd Rd. Lightweight Bout
Matt Hamill defeated Tim Boetsch via TKO 1:25 - 2nd Rd. Light Heavyweight Bout
Thiago Alves defeated Karo Parisyan via TKO 0:34 - 2nd Rd. Welterweight Bout
Gray Maynard defeated Frank Edgar via unanimous deicision 5:00 - 3rd Rd. Lightweight Bout
Kenny Florian defeated Joe Lauzon via TKO 3:28 - 2nd Rd. Lightweight Bout
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