The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Finale

Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Finale - June 23, 2007

The Pearl - Las Vegas, Nevada

Matt Wiman KO'd Brian Geraghty 2:09 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Leonard Garcia defeated Allen Berubie via submission 4:22 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Gray Maynard and Rob Emerson fought to a no contest due to injuries Rd. 1 Lightweight Bout
Cole Miller KO'd Andy Wang 1:10 - 1st Rd. Lightweight Bout
Joe Luzon defeated Brandon Melendez via submission 2:09 - 2nd Rd. Lightweight Bout
Roger Huerta KO'd Doug Evans 3:30 -2nd Rd. Lightweight Bout
Thales Leites defeated Floyd Sword via submission 3:50 - 1st Rd. Middleweight Bout
Nate Diaz defeated Manny Gamburyan via submission 0:20 - 2nd Rd. Lightweight Finals
B.J. Penn defeated Jens Pulver via submission 3:12 - 2nd Rd. Lightweight Bout
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