The Ultimate Finale - Season 6

The Ultimate Finale 6 Team Serra vs. Team Hughes - December 8, 2007

The Peart at the Palms - Las Vegas, NV

  • Preliminary Card
Matt Arroyo defeated John Kolosci via submission 4:42 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Jonathan Goulet defeated Paul Georgieff via submission 4:42 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Roman Mitichyan defeated Dorian Price via submission 0:23 -1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Troy Mandaloniz TKO'd Richie Hightower 4:20 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
  • Main Card
Ben Saunders defeated Dan Barrera via unanimous decision 5:00 - 3rd Rd. Welterweight Bout
George Sotiropoulos defeated Billy Miles via submission 1:36 - 1st Rd. Welterweight Bout
Jon Koppenhaver TKO'd Jared Rollins 2:01 - 3rd Rd. Welterweight Bout
Mac Danzing defeated Tommy Speer via submission 2:01 - 1st Rd. Ultimate Fighter Welterweight Finals
Roger Huerta defeated Clay Guida via submission 0:51 - 3rd Rd. Lightweight Bout
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