UPW Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Sylvester Terkay February 1999 Mission Viejo, CA -a-
Aaron Baker 1999 Huntington Beach, CA
Mike Bell November 1999 -b-
Bad Boy Basil January 27, 2000 Santa Ana, CA -c-
Smelly March 29, 2000 Santa Ana, CA
The Prototype April 27, 2000 San Diego, CA
Smelly [2] May 24, 2000 Santa Ana, CA
Staz August 23, 2000 Santa Ana, CA
Christopher Daniels October 12, 2000 Costa Mesa, CA
Samoa Joe March 14, 2001 Santa Ana, CA
Mikey Henderson November 27, 2001 Hollywood, CA -d-
Christopher Daniels [2] March 13, 2002 Santa Ana, CA -e-
Tom Howard May 8, 2002 Santa Ana, CA -f-
Adam Pierce July 11, 2003 Anaheim, CA -g-
Tom Howard [2] October 22, 2003 Santa Ana, CA

-a- Wins a battle royal to become the first champion.

-b- Stripped on January 9, 2000 by UPW Owner Rick Bassman.

-c- Defeated JD Dempsey in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-d- Stripped of the belt after no-shows.

-e- Defeated Frankie Kazarian and Samoa Joe in a three-way match for the vacant title.

-f- Unified with UPW Southern California/Shoot Title with victory. Stripped on June 26, 2003 for failure to defend the belt.

-g- Defeated Chris Mordestzky in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

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