USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title Tournament - October 8, 1990
  • Opening Round
Mark Callous defeated Bill Dundee via DQ
Dick Slater pinned Danny Davis
Jeff Gaylord pinned Doug Gilbert
Terry Funk pinned Brickhouse Brown
Steve Kiern pinned The Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony
Dick Murdoch pinned The Samurai
Austin Idol pinned Gary Young
John Tatum pinned King Cobra
Eddie Gilbert pinned Jimmy Valiant
Jeff Jarrett pinned Shiek Hussein
  • Quarterfinals
Jerry Lawler defeated Mark Callous via DQ
Dick Slater pinned Jeff Gaylord
Terry Funk pinned Steve Kiern
Austin Idol defeated John Tatum via TKO
Eddie Gilbert pinned Jeff Jarrett
  • Semifinals
Jerry Lawler pinned Dick Slater
Terry Funk pinned Dick Murdoch
Jerry Lawler defeated Terry Funk via DQ
  • Finals
Jerry Lawler pinned Austin Idol
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