UWF World Television Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Buzz Sawyer March 16, 1986 Oklahoma City, OK -a-
Terry Taylor May 25, 1986 Tulsa, OK
Buddy Roberts September 28, 1986 Oklahoma City, OK
Savannah Jack November 9, 1986 Tulsa, OK
Eddie Gilbert March 8, 1987 Tulsa, OK
Shane Douglas August 3, 1987 Morgan City, LA
Terry Taylor [2] September 2, 1987 Lafayette, LA
Nikita Koloff November 26, 1987 Chicago, IL -b-

-a- Tapped to be UWF TV Champion by the last Mid-South TV Champ Dick Slater.

-b- Unified with NWA World Television title. Koloff had defeated Tully Blanchard on August 17, 1987.

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