5th Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions - May 8, 1988

Texas Stadium - Irving, TX

The Missing Link and Jason Sterling defeated Vince Apollo and the Angel of Death Link pinned Apollo
Mike George (c) pinned Jeff Raitz WWA Heavyweight Title Match
Steve Casey pinned Eric Embry
Black Bart defeated Bill Irwin via DQ
Terry Gordy pinned Michael Hayes Triple Dome of Terror Match
Terry Taylor (c) pinned Chris Adams WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title Match
Steve Casey, Jason Sterling, and John Tatum defeated The Angel of Death, Mike George, Michael Hayes, Iceman King Parsons, Buddy Roberts, Shaun Simpson, Jack Victory, and six others Triple Dome Texas Roundup Match
Bruiser Brody and Kevin Von Erich defeated Buddy Roberts and a masked partner Kevin pinned Roberts
John Tatum and Jack Victory (WCCW Texas Tag Champs) defeated Terry Gordy and Steve Simpson (c) via count-out - win vacant belts Wild West Tag Team Title Match
Kerry Von Erich pinned Iceman King Parsons (c) WCCW World Heavyweight Title Match

5th Cotton Bowl Extravaganza - October 15, 1988

Cotton Bowl - Dallas, TX

Steve Casey pinned Tug Tyler
Jimmy Valiant and The Macho Midget defeated Killer Brooks and The Million Dollar Baby
Chigusa Nagayo (c) pinned Candi Devine AJW All-Pacific Heavyweight Title Match
Super Black Ninja defeated Vince Apollo, Tony Torres, and two others Handicap Match
Bill Irwin and Blackjack Mulligan defeated Black Bart and Jimmy Jack Funk
Iceman King Parsons (c) and Kendall Windham fought to a double count-out WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title Match
Jeff Jarrett pinned Eric Embry (c) WCCW World Light-Heavyweight Title Match
Kevin Von Erich defeated Brian Adias via DQ
Terry Gordy and The Botswana Beast fought to a no contest Dog Collar Match
Steve Cox and Michael Hayes defeated The Samoan Swat Team (Fatu and Samu) (c) WCCW World Tag Team Titles - Texas Tornado Match
Kerry Von Erich (WCCW Champ) defeated Jerry Lawler Von Erich wins vacant AWA Title AWA World and WCCW World Heavyweight Titles - Texas Death Match
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