World Class Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Rick Rude February 20, 1986 -a-
Chris Adams July 4, 1986 Dallas, TX
Black Bart September 15, 1986 Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Von Erich October 12, 1986 Dallas, TX
Al Perez August 21, 1987 -b-
Kerry Von Erich March 6, 1988 Dallas, TX
Iceman King Parsons March 25, 1988 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] May 8, 1988 Irving, TX
Jerry Lawler October 23, 1988 Memphis, TN
Kerry Von Erich [3] November 4, 1988 Dallas, TX
Tatsumi Fujinami December 9, 1988 Tokyo, Japan -c-
Kerry Von Erich [4] December 10, 1988 -d-
Jerry Lawler [2] December 13, 1988 Chicago, IL -e-
Jerry Lawler [3] April 14, 1989 -f-
Soultaker October 23, 1989 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [4] November 6, 1989 Memphis, TN
King Cobra December 30, 1989 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [5] January 8, 1990 Memphis, TN
The Snowman June 18, 1990 Memphis, TN -g-
Jerry Lawler [6] October 8, 1990 Memphis, TN -h-
Terry Funk Novmeber 5, 1990 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [7] March 11, 1991 Memphis, TN -i-

-a- Rude is the reigning NWA America Heavyweight Champion when he is named the first WCCW World Heavyweight Champion on February 20, 1986 after World Class splits from the NWA.

-b- Wins the belt via forfeit.

-c- Win title after Von Erich ruled unable to continue due to excessive bleeding.

-d- Returns belt to Von Erich after being unhappy with the decision.

-e- Lawler is the reigning AWA World Heavyweight Champion and unifies it with the WCCW title. Belt held up after a match with Kerry Von Erich on April 5, 1989.

-f- Defeates Von Erich in a rematch.

-g- Stripped of the belt on August 27, 1990 when Snowman no-shows a title defense.

-h- Defeated Austin Idol in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-i- UWSA stops promoting shows in Texas in June 1990. Title continues to be defended at USWA shows in Arkansas, Kentuck, and Tennessee.

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