World Class Championship Wrestling Texas Heavyweight Title
Champion Date Won Location Notes
The Grappler December 9, 1985 Fort Worth, TX -a-
Brian Adidas March 10, 1986 Fort Worth, TX
Buzz Sawyer July 4, 1986 Dallas, TX -b-
Bob Bradley January 12, 1987 Fort Worth, TX -c-
Dingo Warrior February 2, 1987 Fort Worth, TX
Al Perez June 21, 1987 Puerto Rico -d-
Ted Arcidi August 31, 1987 Fort Worth, TX -e-
Matt Borne November 10, 1987 Midland, TX
Terry Taylor February 26, 1988 Dallas, TX
Kevin Von Erich July 4, 1988 Dallas, TX -f-
Iceman King Parsons August 5, 1988 Dallas, TX -g-
Brickhouse Brown February 3, 1989 Dallas, TX
Gary Young March 4, 1989 San Antonio, TX -h-
Eric Embry April 7, 1989 Dallas, TX
Super Zodiac May 19, 1989 Dallas, TX
Eric Embry [2] May 26, 1989 Dallas, TX
P.Y. Chi-Hi July 3, 1989 Wichita Falls, TX
Eric Embry [3] August 18, 1989 Dallas, TX
The Punisher October 5, 1989 Dallas, TX -i-
Kerry Von Erich October 20, 1989 Dallas, TX
Jerry Lawler December 12, 1989 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] January 5, 1990 Dallas, TX
Matt Borne [2] May 25, 1990 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [3] June 1, 1990 Dallas, TX
Angel of Death July 13, 1990 Dallas, TX -j-
Kevin Von Erich [2] November 23, 1990 Dallas, TX -k-

-a- Formerly the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title. WCCW Withdraws from the NWA in February 1986.

-b- Vacated in January 1987.

-c- Defeated The Dingo Warrior in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-d- Vacated after Perez wins the WCWA World Heavyweight Title on August 21, 1987.

-e- Wins the title in a battle royal.

-f- Awarded title after Taylor leaves the territory.

-g- Defeated Kerry Von Erich to win the belt.

-h- Wins the title via forfeit.

-i- Wins the title via forfeit.

-j- Wins the title via forfeit.

-k- Title vacated when WCCW folds in January 1991.

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