WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title Tournament - June 23, 1984

San Antonio, TX

  • First Round
Jose Lothario defeated Bill Irwin
Gino Hernandez defeated George Weingroff
Terry Gordy defeated Black Gordman
Kerry Von Erich defeated Johhny Mantell
Jules Strongbow defeated John Tatum
Buck Zumhoffe defeated Michael Hayes
Kevin Von Erich defeated Killer Khan
  • Quarterfinals
Gino Hernandez defeated Jose Lothario
Kerry Von Erich defeated Terry Gordy
Jules Strongbow defeated Buck Zumhoffe
Ric Flair defeated Kevin Von Erich
  • Semifinals
Kerry Von Erich*** defeated Gino Hernandez
Ric Flair defeated Jules Strongbow
  • Finals
Gino Hernandez defeated Ric Flair

*** Von Erich was injured in the match, allowing Hernandez to replace him in the next round

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