WCW Wrestle War: War Games - February 24, 1991

Phoenix, Arizona - Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Ultraman and Eddie Guerrero defeated Rudy Boy and Huichol 7:39 Guerrero pinned Rudy
Junkyard Dog, Ricky Morton, and Tommy Rich (c) defeated James Earl Wright, Buddy Lee Parker, and Big Cat 9:54 Morton pinned Parker WCW World Six Man Tag Team Match
Bobby Eaton pinned Brad Armstrong 12:51
Itsuki Yamazaki and Mami Kitimura defeated Miki Handa and Miss A 6:47 Yamazaki pinned Miss A
Dustin Rhodes pinned Buddy Landell 6:33
The Wild Eyed Southern Boys (Tracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong) defeated The Royal Family (Rip Morgan and Jack Victory) 12:05 Smothers pinned Morgan
Terry Taylor pinned Tom Zenk 10:59 No DQ Match
Stan Hansen drew with Big Van Vader 6:21 Double DQ
Lex Luger (c) pinned Danny Spivey 12:52 WCW United States Title Match
The Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin) (c) defeated Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed) 6:56 Garvin pinned Simmons WCW World Tag Team Title Match
The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Sid Vicious, and Larry Zbysko) defeated Sting, Brian Pillman, Rick and Scott Steiner 21:50 Vicious KO'ed Pillman with a powerbomb WarGames Match

WCW/New Japan Supershow - March 21, 1991 (Aired April 1991)

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome

Animal Hamaguchi, Kantaro Hoshino, Osamu Kido, and Kengo Kimura defeated Tatsutoshi Goto, Norio Honaga, Super Strong Machine, and Hiro Saito Kimura pinned Goto Dark Match
Crusher Bam Bam Bigelow and Big Van Vader defeated Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed) 13:17 Vader pinned Reed Dark Match
Riki Choshu KO'd Tiger Jeet Singh 11:07 Dark Match
Shiro Koshinaka, Kunaki Kobayashi, and Takayuzi Iizuka defeated Tim Horner, Brian Pillman, and Tom Zenk 12:10 Iizuka pinned Horner
Jushin Thunder Liger (c) pinned Akira Nogami 16:08 IWGP Junoir Heavyweight Title Match
Arn Anderson and Barry Windham defeated Masa Saito and Masa Chono 9:17 Anderson pinned Saito
El Gigante defeated Curtis Hughes 2:16 via submission
The Great Muta pinned Sting 11:41
Tatsumi Fujinami pinned Ric Flair (c) 23:06 NWA and WCW titles are considered seperate in Japan. Flair's WCW title was not on the line. NWA World Heavyweight Championship

WCW Superbrawl 1: Return of the Rising Sun - May 19, 1991

Saint Petersburg, Florida - Bayfront Center

Mighty Thor pinned El Cubano Dark Match
The Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin) defeated The Young Guns (Tracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong) 10:19 Freebirds win vacant belts WCW United States Tag Team Title Match
Danny Spivey pinned Ricky Morton 3:11
Nikita Koloff pinned Tommy Rich 4:07
Dustin Rhodes pinned Terrance Taylor 8:05
Big Josh pinned Black Bart 3:46
Oz pinned Tim Parker 0:26
Barry Windham pinned Brian Pillman 6:08 Taped Fist Match
El Gigante pinned Sid Vicious 2:13 Stretcher Match
Rick and Scott Steiner (c) defeated Sting and Lex Luger 11:09 Scott pinned Sting WCW World Tag Team Title Match
Bobby Eaton pinned Arn Anderson (c) 11:50 WCW World Television Title Match
Ric Flair pinned Tatsumi Fujinami (c) 18:39 Flair retains WCW title and regains NWA title NWA World Heavyweight Title Match

WCW The Great American Bash - July 14, 1991

Baltimore, Maryland - Baltimore Arena

Junkyard Dog pinned Black Bart 12:45 Dark Match
PN News and Bobby Eaton defeated Steve Austin and Terrance Taylor 6:19 Eaton grabbed Austin/Taylor's flag Scaffold Match
The Yellow Dog defeated Johnny B. Badd 6:00 via DQ
Ron Simmons pinned Oz 7:55
Big Josh pinned Blackblood 5:39
Dustin Rhodes, Tracey Smothers, and Steve Armstrong defeated The Freebirds (Badstreet, Jimmy Garvin, and Michael Hayes) 17:10 Hayes pinned Armstong (13:49), Hayes was DQ'ed (14:04), Garvin pinned Smothers (15:16), Rhodes pinned Garvin (15:24), Rhodes pinned Badstreet (17:10) Elimination Match
The Diamond Studd pinned Tom Zenk 9:00
El Gigante pinned One Man Gang 6:13
Ricky Morton pinned Robert Morton 17:03
Nikita Koloff defeated Sting 11:38 Russian Chain Match
Lex Luger pinned Barry Windham 12:25 Luger wins vacant belt WCW World Heavyweight Title - Steel Cage Match
Rick Steiner and Missy Hyatt defeated Arn Anderson and Paul E Dangerously 2:08 Steiner pinned Dangerously Steel Cage Match

WCW Halloween Havoc: Chamber of Horrors - October 27, 1991

Chattanooga, Tennessee - UTC Arena

El Gigante, Sting, Rick and Scott Steiner defeated Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Studd, Cactus Jack, and Big Van Vader 12:33 Abdullah was placed in an "electric chair" Chamber of Horrors Match
Big Josh and PN News defeated The Creatures (Joey Maggs and Johnny Rich) 5:16 News pinned one of the Creatures
Bobby Eaton pinned Terrance Taylor 16:00
Johnny B. Badd pinned Jimmy Garvin 8:16
Steve Austin (c) drew with Dustin Rhodes 15:00 Time-Limit Draw WCW World Television Title Match
Bill Kazmeier defeated Oz 3:59
Van Hammer pinned Doug Somers 1:13
Brian Pillman pinned Richard Morton (c) 12:45 WCW World Light Heavyweight Title Match
The Halloween Phantom (Rick Rude) pinned Tom Zenk 1:21
The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Larry Zbysko) (c) defeated The WCW Patriots (Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip) 9:51 Anderson pinned Chip WCW World Tag Team Title Match
Lex Luger (c) defeated Ron Simmons 18:59 Simmons pinned Luger (4:54), Simmons was DQ'ed (15:00), Luger pinned Simmons (18:59) WCW World Heavyweight Title - Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

WCW StarrCade: Battlebowl/The Lethal Lottery - December 29, 1991

Norfolk, Virginia - The Scope

Marcus Bagwell and Jimmy Garvin defeated Tracey Smothers and Michael Hayes 12:45 Bagwell pinned Smothers BattleBowl Match #1
Steve Austin and Rick Rude defeated Big Josh and Van Hammer 12:56 Rude pinned Hammer BattleBowl Match #2
Richard Morton and Dustin Rhodes defeated Larry Zbysko and El Gigante 5:54 Rhodes pinned Zbysko BattleBowl Match #3
Bill Kazmeier and Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Mike Graham 13:08 Liger pinned Page BattleBowl Match #4
Ricky Steamboat and Todd Champion defeated Cactus Jack and Buddy Lee Parker 7:48 Steamboat pinned Parked BattleBowl Match#5
Lex Luger and Arn Anderson defeated Tom Zenk and Terrance Taylor 10:25 Luger pinned Taylor BattleBowl Match #6
Sting and Abdullah the Butcher defeated Bobby Eaton and Brian Pillman 5:55 Sting pinned Eaton BattleBowl Match #7
Big Van Vader and Mr. Hughes defeated The Nightstalker and Rick Steiner 5:05 Vader pinned Nightstalker BattleBowl Match #8
Scott Steiner and Firebreaker Chip defeated Arachnaman and Johnny B. Badd 11:16 Steiner pinned Arachnaman BattleBowl Match #9
Thomas Rich and Ron Simmons defeated Steve Armstong and PN News 12:01 Simmons pinned Armstrong BattleBowl Match #10
Sting defeated Marcus Bagwell, Jimmy Garvin, Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Richard Morton, Dustin Rhodes, Bill Kazmeier, Jushing Thunder Liger, Ricky Steamboat, Todd Champion, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, Abdullah the Butcher, Big Van Vader, Mr. Hughes, Scot Steiner, Firebreaker Chip, Thmas Rich, and Ron Simmons 25:10 Last eliminating Luger BattleBowl final - Two-Ring Battle Royal
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