WCW United States Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Lex Luger [4] December 16, 1990 St. Louis, MO -a-
Sting August 25, 1991 Atlanta, GA -b-
Rick Rude November 19, 1991 Savannah, GA -c-
Dustin Rhodes January 1, 1993 Atlanta, GA -d-
Dustin Rhodes [2] August 30, 1993 Atlanta, GA -e-
Steve Austin December 27, 1993 Charlotte, NC
Ricky Steamboat [4] August 24, 1994 Cedar Rapids, IA
Steve Austin [2] September 18, 1994 Roanoke, VA -f-
Jim Duggan September 18, 1994 Roanoke, VA
Vader December 27, 1994 Nashville, TN -g-
Sting [2] June 18, 1995 Dayton, OH -h-
Kensuke Sasaki November 13, 1995 Tokyo, Japan
One Man Gang December 27, 1995 Nashville, TN -i-
Konnan January 29, 1996 Canton, OH
Ric Flair [6] July 7, 1996 Dayton Beach, FL -j-
Eddie Guerrero December 29, 1996 Nashville, TN -k-
Dean Malenko March 16, 1997 Charleston, SC
Jeff Jarrett June 9, 1997 Boston, MA
Steve McMichael August 21, 1997 Nashville, TN
Curt Hennig September 15, 1997 Charlotte, NC
Diamond Dallas Page December 28, 1997 Washington D.C.
Raven April 19, 1998 Denver, CO
Goldberg April 20, 1998 Colorado Springs, CO -l-
Bret Hart July 20, 1998 Salt Lake City, UT -m-
Lex Luger [5] August 10, 1998 Rapid City, SD
Bret Hart [2] August 13, 1998 Fargo, ND
Diamond Dallas Page [2] October 26, 1998 Phoenix, AZ
Bret Hart [3] November 30, 1998 Chattanooga, TN
Roddy Piper [3] February 8, 1999 Buffalo, NY
Scott Hall February 21, 1999 Oakland, CA -n-
Scott Steiner April 11, 1999 Tacoma, WA -o-
David Flair July 5, 1999 Atlanta, GA -p-
Chris Benoit August 9, 1999 Namap, ID
Sid Vicious September 12, 1999 Winston-Salem, NC
Goldberg [2] October 24, 1999 Las Vegas, NV
Bret Hart [4] October 25, 1999 Phoenix, AZ -q-
Scott Hall [2] November 8, 1999 Indianapolis, IN -r-
Chris Benoit [2] December 19, 1999 Washingotn D.C. -s-
Jeff Jarrett [2] December 20, 1999 Baltimore, MD -t-
Jeff Jarrett [3] January 17, 2000 Columbus, OH -u-
Scott Steiner [2] April 16, 2000 Chicago, IL -v-
Lance Storm July 18, 2000 Auburn Hills, MI -w-
Terry Funk September 22, 2000 Amarillo, TX
Lance Storm [2] September 23, 2000 Lubbock, TX
General Rection October 29, 2000 Las Vegas, NV
Lance Storm [3] November 10, 2000 London, England
General Rection [2] November 26, 2000 Milwaukee, WI
Shane Douglas January 14, 2001 Indianapolis, IN
Rick Steiner February 5, 2001 Tupelo, MS
Booker T. March 18, 2001 Jacksonville, FL -x-
Chris Kanyon July 24, 2001 Pittsburgh, PA -y-
Tajiri September 10, 2001 San Antonio, TX
Rhyno September 23, 2001 Pittsburgh, PA
Kurt Angle October 22, 2001 Kansas City, MO
Edge November 12, 2001 Boston, MA -z-

-a- Reigning NWA United States Champion when the title is renamed. Vacated on July 14, 1991 after winning the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

-b- Defeated Steve Austin in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-c- Vacated in December 1992 due to injury.

-d- Defeated Ricky Steamboat in the finals of a tournament for the vacant belt. Title held-up after a match against Rick Rude ends in a double pin in May 1993.

-e- Defeated Rick Rude in a rematch.

-f- Awarded the title when Steamboat is unable to compete due to injury.

-g- Stripped of the title by WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkle on April 23, 1995.

-h- Defeated Meng in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-i- Awarded to Gang after Sasaki vacates it after a defense against the Gang.

-j- Vacated in September 1996 due to a shoulder injury.

-k- Defeated Diamond Dallas Page in the finals of a tournament for the vacant belt.

-l- Vacated after Goldberg wins the WCW World Heavyweight Title on July 6, 1998.

-m- Defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the vacant belt.

-n- Vacated by WCW President Ric Flair due to Hall's injury.

-o- Defeated Booker T. in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title. Stripped by WCW President on July 5, 1999

-p- Awarded by WCW President Ric Flair.

-q- Vacated on November 1, 1999.

-r- Scott Hall defeated Goldberg, Bret Hart, and Sid Vicious in a Texas Tornado Ladder match for the vacant title.

-s- Awarded when Scott Hall is injured.

-t- Stripped due to injury on January 15, 2000.

-u- Awarded by WCW Commissioner Kevin Nash. Vacated on April 10, 2000 when WCW was relaunched.

-v- Defeated Sting in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title. Stripped by WCW Commissioner The Cat on July 9, 2000 for using the Steiner Recliner.

-w- Defeated Mike Awesome in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-x- Final champion in WCW. Title is taken with him to the WWE.

-y- Awarded by Booker T.

-z- Unified with the WWE Intercontinental Championship on November 18, 2001.

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