WCW World Cruiserweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Shinjiro Ohtani March 20, 1996 Nagoya, Japan -a-
Dean Malenko May 2, 1996 Lake Buena Vista, FL
Rey Misterio Jr. July 8, 1996 Lake Buena Vista, FL
Dean Malenko [2] October 27, 1996 Las Vegas, NV
Ultimo Dragon December 29, 1996 Nashville, TN
Dean Malenko [3] January 21, 1997 Milwaukee, WI
Syxx February 23, 1997 San Francisco, CA
Chris Jericho June 28, 1997 Inglewood, CA
Alex Wright July 28, 1997 Charleston, WV
Chris Jericho [2] August 12, 1997 Colorado Springs, CO
Eddie Guerrero September 14, 1997 Winston-Salem, NC
Rey Misterio Jr. [2] October 26, 1997 Las Vegas, NV
Eddie Guerrero [2] November 10, 1997 Nashville, TN
Ultimo Dragon [2] December 29, 1997 Baltimore, MD
Juventud Guerrera January 8, 1998 Daytona Beach, FL
Rey Misterio Jr. [3] January 15, 1998 Lakeland, FL
Chris Jericho [3] January 24, 1998 Dayton, OH
Dean Malenko [4] May 17, 1998 Worcester, MA -b-
Chris Jericho [4] June 15, 1998 Uniondale, NY -c-
Rey Misterio Jr. [4] July 12, 1998 San Diego, CA
Chris Jericho [5] July 13, 1998 Las Vegas, NV -d-
Juventud Guerrera [2] August 8, 1998 Sturgis, SD
Billy Kidman September 14, 1998 Greenville, SC
Juventuda Guerrera [3] November 16, 1998 Wichita, KS
Billy Kidman [2] November 22, 1998 Auburn Hills, MI
Rey Misterio Jr. [5] March 15, 1999 Cincinnatti, OH
Psychosis April 19, 1999 Gainesville, FL
Rey Misterio Jr. [6] April 26, 1999 Fargo, ND
Lenny Lane August 19, 1999 Lubbock, TX -e-
Psychosis [2] October 2, 1999 -f-
Disco Inferno October 4, 1999 Kansas City, MO
Evan Karagias November 21, 1999 Toronto, Ontario
Madusa December 19, 1999 Washington, DC -g-
Oklahoma January 16, 2000 Cinncinatti, OH -h-
TAFKA Prince Iaukea February 20, 2000 San Francisco, CA -i-
Billy Kidman [3] March 30, 2000 Baltimore, MD
TAFKA Prince Iaukea [2] March 31, 2000 Pittsburgh, PA -j-
Chris Candido April 10, 2000 Chicago, IL -k-
Daphne May 15, 2000 Biloxi, MS -l-
Chavo Guerrero Jr. June 6, 2000 Knoxville, TN
Lance Storm July 31, 2000 Cinncinatti, OH
Elix Skipper August 14, 2000 Victoria, British Columbia -m-
Mark Sanders October 2, 2000 San Francisco, CA
Chavo Guerrero Jr. [2] December 4, 2000 Lincoln, NE
Shane Helms March 18, 2001 Jacksonville, FL -n-

-a- Defeated Wild Pegasus in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.

-b- Vacated on June 11, 1998 due to Malenko not earning the title shot as himself as he was under the mask of Ciclope when he won a battle royal for the shot.

-c- Awarded.

-d- Returned due to the interference of Dean Malenko, who was suspended.

-e- Stripped after Lane was taken off TV due to the objections by Turner Broadcasting over Lane's homosexual gimmick.

-f- Awarded, announced as defeating Lane in a house show match.

-g- Madusa is a female wrestler.

-h- Vacates the title on January 18, 2000 for not being able to make the weight limit.

-i- Defeated Lash Leroux in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.

-j- Title is vacated on April 10, 2000 when WCW is relaunched.

-k- Defeated Crowbar, Juventud Guerrera, TAFKA Prince Iaukea, Lash LaRoux, and Shannon Moore in a six-way match for the vacant title.

-l- Pinned Tammy Lynn Sytch in a mixed tag team match betwee, Candido and Stych and Crowbar and Daphne where the title was on the line for whoeve scored the winning fall.

-m- Awarded to Storm.

-n- Champion when WCW is sold to WWE. Begins defending title on WWE shows.

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