WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament - October 24, 1999-November 21, 1999
  • First Match
Bret Hart defeated Bill Goldberg
Perry Saturn defeated Eddie Guerrero
Norman Smiley defeated Bam Bam Bigelow
Billy Kidman defeated Konnan
Lex Luger defeated Rick Steiner
Diamond Dallas Page no contested with David Flair
Meng defeated Madusa
Sting defeated Brian Knobbs
Chris Benoit defeated Dean Malenko
Madusa defeated Evan Karagous
Scott Hall defeated Sid Vicious
Lash Leroux defeated Ernest Miller
Buff Bagwell defeated Stevie Ray
Vampiro defeated Berlyn
Curt Hennig defeated Disco Inferno
Jeff Jarrett defeated Booker T.
  • Second Round
Bret Hart defeated Perry Saturn
Billy Kidman defeated Norman Smiley
Lex Luger received a bye
Sting defeated Meng
Chris Benoit defeated Madusa
Scott Hall defeated Lash Leroux
Buff Bagwell defeated Vampiro
Jeff Jarrett defeated Curt Hennig
  • Quarterfinals
Bret Hart defeated Billy Kidman
Sting defeated Lex Luger
Chris Benoit defeated Scott Hall
Jeff Jarrett defeated Buff Bagwell
  • Semifinals
Bret Hart defeated Sting
Chris Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett
  • Finals
Bret Hart defeated Chris Benoit
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